Hello Seattle / Owl (Gray) City

I liked Owl City a lot more when they were called Postal Service… any who – here are the finalists for our siding colors.

The winner is Benjamin Moore’s Gray Owl 2137-60 for those of you with color swatches.  Boom.  But the fun doesn’t stop there…

We had a lot of lead paint to scrape off… and then cover up with Benjamin Moore’s lead blocking primer (not really sure what that actually does… but hey, it’s more expensive, and therefore better).  Plastic everywhere… it’s been a HEPA-tastic two weeks of work and Our Old New House.

Other than one of our neighbor’s calling the health department on our LeadSafe Certified painters (really?) it’s been a very smooth process that – based on the really poor condition of our paint before this – has resulted in a net removal of a ton of lead paint from the area.

Here she is all scraped down – and the near side primed.

…and here’s the house with the Owl Gray field and the Coventry Gray gables.

…and the foundation is Puritan Gray.  The guys did a great job.  The only thing you can’t see here is the underside of the porch which is… wait for it… Mt. Rainier Gray (which is more of a light blue than anything else).

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